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Readers Comments (19)

  1. My prepaid card was funded today for the amount $55,000. I don’t know how you guys do this but the service was instant. Keep up the good Job guys

  2. Thank you mate, after reading comments I decided to try this out. I paid 2500 British pounds. They did my transfer without wasting time. Good news I got the 30,000 British pounds delivered to my Royal bank of Scotland . I’m happy

  3. They funded my green dot bank successfully. I’m having $110,000 as promised

  4. Am grateful they got me £7000

  5. Love this… I will be ready next week

  6. All thanks to them, they helped me with my bills, got me 67k on my cash app

  7. They got me $41,000 via hacked transfers today. I am so Happy right now

  8. kathie clifton 3 April 2022 @ 2:28 pm

    Got my new car with their help. All thanks for the great service.

  9. one of the best hacker have worked with, they have got the best hacking tools and software ever cause they got my job done perfectly

  10. I heard a lot of good work about them and I give them a trial it works, $9000 to my western union account. gonna recommend them to all my friends

  11. Aww!!, I never felt more scared about dealing but they’re trustworthy and reliable, they got me $38,000..

  12. After getting my first 10,000$ first western union transfer, I then try one more deal of PayPal $25,000 which was also successful. Admin you are superb!

  13. Happy I found this people. I sent my £1,900 they sent me £10000 in moneygram and £8000 in western union. So today I made total £18000 . Thank you me hacker.

  14. chris beauville 6 December 2021 @ 9:48 am

    I want to buy western union MTCN. I have my bitcoin ready. How do i start?

  15. Giving feedback from USA, my mtcn worked and I have just picked up $11,000 at the local store here

  16. Hello mr hacker, thanks I picked up exactly 15,000.00 British Pounds here in Wakefield, United Kingdom

  17. need to hack GF phone, signal, snapchat and whatsapp only.
    Iphone xr.
    also, she cant know and can restore snapchat deleted messages for 6 months?
    possible or not.

  18. This is amazing, they sent me moneygram transfer $9,000 and I picked it up at the Moneygram kiosk inside airport. I appreciate knowing about you guys. Thank you for helping me at this time of need

  19. Daniel Robinson 26 April 2020 @ 9:33 am

    We got more than enough from them. they have been really been helpful to me and my family.

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